The Fleming Center – Oklahoma Methodist Manor
No matter how many times we see this result, it never fails to amaze us. This wonderful, multipurpose room is easy to clean and provides wonderful maneuverability on that smooth tile floor... but until we renovated the sound system, it was a very hard place to hear. The reinforced sound bounces around and blurs the words. 
Since making changes to the acoustics wasn’t possible, we needed a system that was so good and clear that it made listening possible, even under difficult conditions. We needed to get the sound equipment out-of-the-closet so that the person making value judgments could immediately hear the results of their actions. Those with more serious need of clear sound can use the listening assistance system which can be used in several configurations to suit individual needs.
There is a lot of flexibility wrapped up in this project, and it is especially satisfying to bring clarity to an otherwise confusing situation! Sounds Good to All Ages!